NOVELS: From a Certain Point of View

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NOVELS: From a Certain Point of View

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I was wondering if anyone has read either of the From a Certain Point of View novels? I see one is based around ANH and the other around TESB. I presume more will one day appear. Any thoughts on if they are worth the read?
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Re: NOVELS: From a Certain Point of View

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I read the Star Wars Short Story collection when it came out a couple years ago. And I'm about half way through the Empire collection. As with any collection, the stories are hit and miss with some better than others. It's Star Wars and it's Original Trilogy era so I'm gonna give these the benefit of the doubt. So far, I think I enjoyed the Star Wars stories more, but I haven't finished the Empire book. Some of the side stories are very clever. the Star Wars collection has a story which explains why the Mos Eisley Cantina doesn't serve droids. My favorite Empire story so far has Wedge reforming Red Squadron after the Battle of Hoth...which reminds me how much I miss the Rogue Squadron series.

Anyway, I say both collections are worth a shot and I look forward to the Return of the Jedi collection in 2023. In addition, the proceeds go toward reading programs which is a very worthwhile cause. Reading is the key to education and education is the key to everything.

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