Fan Fiction: The Secret History of Boba Fett - Pt. 6: Drop

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Fan Fiction: The Secret History of Boba Fett - Pt. 6: Drop

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Getting close, only one more to go after Chapter Six:

VI. Drop

Fett put Slave I down on the windblown patch of lichen and stunted grass, the only spot on the island big enough to hold the spacecraft. The place didn’t look inviting, but it didn’t have to. Better that it didn’t, in fact. Less chance of interference.

A quick glance at the monitor told him Skywalker was still out of commission. Unless it was some Jedi trickery—but Fett didn’t think so.

Looking up from the monitor, he took in the landscape again. Stone, dark sea, stunted vegetation.

There had been a few rocks like these on Kamino…

He shrugged away the past. Skywalker wasn’t going to maroon himself here.

Fett unbuckled from his seat and stood. Exterior temp was 4.4° centigrade. On his way back to the cell, he grabbed his old poncho.

“Time to go ashore, Skywalker,” he said to the inert form. Fett dropped the restraint field and stepped inside. The cuffs, those he’d leave in place, though it didn’t seem Skywalker would be shrugging off the neuro-inhibtors any time soon. He grabbed Skywalker by the collar and dragged him toward the ramp.

There were several crude stone structures up above. Way up. Fett put Skywalker in the nearest. In his Jedi habit, faded and worn as it was, Skywalker wouldn’t likely freeze. If he lived long enough, he might even find a way to bargain with the locals for something warmer, and something to eat, after the rations Fett left inside the doorway ran out.

“This is where we part ways, Master Jedi. Someone will find you, eventually. Captain Solo, I hope. I’ll be leaving some clues to follow, and watching this place—there’s a probe droid in orbit. It’ll keep me informed. Wellcome to Ahch-To. It beats the Sarlacc’s belly.”

Fett turned to leave, shaking his head. Still trying to settle a score, that was one thing, even after so long. But talking to himself like this?

“Mandalorian, you’re getting old,” he said.


And that's Chapter Six. 329 words. Chapter Seven (and last) goes up Saturday, tomorrow, as I write this. Thanks for your attention. Comments and questions are welcome, as always.
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