Fan Fiction: The Secret History of Boba Fett - Pt. 5: Capture

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Fan Fiction: The Secret History of Boba Fett - Pt. 5: Capture

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The adventure continues in Chapter Five:

V. Capture

Skywalker was crouched down, rubbing at some faint glyphs carved in a fallen stone pillar. He’d been at it for close to an hour.

Word was he was intended to restart the Jedi again, and was looking for tips how not to screw it up this time.

The Jedi’s motives didn’t matter much.

But his preoccupation, the tunnel vision, that seemed to have gripped him, was going to make this a lot easier.

Fett laid his blaster aside. He brought up another weapon. Say this for the First Order, they might be full of shit, but they did have some fine Jedi-rated antipersonnel rounds. Even this non-lethal stuff.

Skywalker drifted into the crosshairs; Fett squeezed the trigger. There was no report, no kick, no flash, but a millisecond later, Skywalker was on the ground, blue arcs flickering over his body, completely immobilized.

Five minutes later, Fett was standing over the still-inert Skywalker.

Well, well. Worth every credit, he thought, and took an injector from his thigh pocket. He dialed up the dose, and stabbed Skywalker in the ass. The injector hissed. Skywalker now had enough neuro-inhibitors to keep him out for at least a couple of days.

Fett took the lightsaber from his quarry’s belt, and searched his pockets and pouches. What he found he sealed in a pouch of his own. Then he clapped on the stun cuffs.

“Mission accomplished,” he said, and straightened up. He weighed the merits of carting Skywalker the five kilometers back to the speeder, versus leaving Skywalker unattended while he went to bring the speeder back.

Old man thinking,” he thought, as he bent and hoisted Skywalker over his shoulder.

“At least he’s a runt,” Fett said, and set off.


That's Chapter 5. 290 words. Two left, I do believe. Next one to go up...dang, it's after midnight again, so...say later today, Friday, if all goes well. Thanks for your attention. Questions and comments are welcome, always.
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