Fan Fiction: The Secret History of Boba Fett - Pt. 1

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Fan Fiction: The Secret History of Boba Fett - Pt. 1

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A little something I cooked up recently, "The Secret History of Boba Fett." There are seven chapters. This is the first:

I. Egress

A sliver of sky shone above him.

Fett got to his feet, and started to fire his pack.

The sky disappeared, sphinctered away by the Sarlaac.

He tugged his holdout blaster from its holster, firing as the IR came on in his helmet display.

The bolts might as well have hit shields.

The juices in the Sarlacc’s gut were starting to make their way through his boots. “A thousand years”? Somehow, Fett didn’t think so. At least, he didn’t expect to be aware of it, not after another five minutes, ten at most.

He pulled a vibroblade and thrust it into the Sarlacc’s stomach. It didn’t do much but bend. He dropped it. Still plenty more tools.

But his feet were beginning to feel odd.

Another blade, old-fashioned steel, bit into the Sarlacc’s stomach. It shook, and rumbled deep inside. Steel seemed to resist the sarlacc’s digestion better, and after a couple of minutes, he had a ten centimeter wound in the linings of its stomach.

The stench of hot synthetic, and burning flunkies, was getting inside his helmet. Jabba’s guards weren’t moving, just smoldering, stuck to the Sarlacc’s stomach.

He grabbed the sides of the slit he’d made, and yanked as hard as he could. The split grew. More rumbling. A shudder he could almost feel in his feet.

Catching up his blaster, he forced it in the wound; he fired. The Sarlaac shook.

Again he fired, this time looking upward.

A slit of blue in the darkness?

He holstered the blaster; took a thermal detonator from his belt pouch. He flicked the activator and shoved it into the wound.


He leaped back and turned away.


Up above, he marked where the sky had been.


He checked his pack—the readouts weren’t good, but it was all he had.


He armed the thrusters.


The detonator went off; the pack didn’t explode when he lit it. Blue sky opened as he lifted off.

And that's Chapter I. 329 words. Submitted for your perusal. Seemed like the place should have at least a little fan fic floating around.

Thanks for your attention.
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Re: Fan Fiction: The Secret History of Boba Fett - Pt. 1

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You know I'm a sucker for all things Fett. Great start!
I want to be Grand Admiral Thrawn when I grow up.
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