The Next Animated Star Wars series (Title Pending)

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Siamese Sith
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The Next Animated Star Wars series (Title Pending)

Post by Siamese Sith » May 2nd, 2017, 3:51 pm

We know Star Wars Rebels is headed into it's 4th and final season, so what's next? And when? The more I think about it the less I want it to take place post episode VI, Filoni could have a golden opportunity to "bridge" the PT to the OT and also the ST!
I'm about 90% certain Thrawn will survive season 4 of SWR, so we need some explanation of where he was during the OT. And what if these characters we've grown to love don't die at the end of season 4?
What if the next series focuses on events between IV - V and then between V- VI! We can really expand the galaxy and bind it together! We haven't seen Boba since TCW, Cad Bane etc.
I know we have 30 years between VI and VII but I don't think we'll be digging into that timeline until after IX.

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Master Magnus
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Re: The Next Animated Star Wars series (Title Pending)

Post by Master Magnus » May 3rd, 2017, 11:53 pm

From what I've read there are plans for an animated show taking place between the OT and the ST, but nothing has been officially confirmed to my knowledge.

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